Let Us Pick Up Your Clothes (Manhattan Only)

Consignment4kids offers concierge services for consigners who reside in Manhattan. These concierge services require an upfront fee of $25. This is an option for all consigners who live in Manhattan and simply an additional service offered by Consignment4kids. Please see the services below:

  1. For an upfront fee of $25, Consignment4kids will pick up the items you would like to consign from your building. These items must either be left with a doorman or you must physically had it off to us. The bag(s) of clothes must be clearly marked ‘Consignment4kids’ and have the number of items we should expect. Please count your items carefully.
  2. Consignment4kids will reach out via email to the consigner to find out the best time to pick up your items and please note, we will be coordinating with other people as well to pick up their items often on the same day.
  3. Once picked up, Consignment4kids will send an email to the consigner noting that they have picked the items, counted them and will also send a photo/or video as record.
  4. Should there be items in the consignment that Consigment4kids cannot accept because of condition issues, we will email the consigner to either arrange that we return the items back to you via this concierge service or you can advise us to donate these items for you-also a part of this special service.

We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss during transit.

If you are interested in this service, please email us directly at info@consignment4kids.com so that can get this service started for you.