How to Consign

NEW COVID RULES: Clothes will be in 'quarantine' for 24hrs


We accept designer infant, and toddler clothing through size 8. What do we mean by designer? Click here for a complete list of brand we’re looking for. We sometimes accept more basic children’s brands. Within these brands, we are looking for pieces that are a step beyond ordinary—a tee in a great color, a sundress in an amazing pattern, a sweatshirt with flames or pirate ships emblazoned on it. We price our basics lower than our designer clothes, but they sell quickly!

Shoes and Accessories

We also accept accessories: hats, swimsuits, booties, and shoes. Children’s shoes should be new or almost new.


Please sign and email our consignment agreement get things started. I will then register you has a consignor and you will receive detail about your new consignor account or you can click on Account and register yourself. You can send or drop off your items at the address below. You can also opt to drop them off at the same address in a sealed box or bag clearly labeled 'Consignment4kids/Magical Industries' Or, if you reside in Manhattan, you can opt for our special pick up and drop off services

Consignment4kids/Magical Industries

2585 Broadway

Suite 214

New York, NY 10025

(This is a UPS Store which will be receiving all my drop offs. Open: 8am-8pm)

Once we have your items in hand, we choose those we think our customers will love.  Items we don’t choose will be sent back to you via mail, an optional messenger service (for Manhattan residents only), or you may opt to have us donate it for you.

No Toys or Gear

We cannot accept gear of any kind: slings, toys, cribs, baby carriers, high chairs, rocking horses, tricycles, scooters, etc., because New York State requires a special license to sell that sort of thing.

Guidelines on Clothes

To save you time when dropping off, here are some reminders which may be helpful in your decision on what to send to us. Please remember:

Any Time

We accept items at any time.  Want to bring us a winter coat in June? No problem.  We will pack it away and put in on the floor in October.  Your consignment period will begin the day it’s put out for sale.

Your Share of the Profits

You receive 40% of the final selling price of the items you consign with us and we receive 60%. We will send you a check each month. We price our merchandise at a 50-80% discount from current retail prices.  Prices vary based on the condition of each item. We keep your items on the for 90 days.  We do our best to sell your items at full price, but they are marked down 20% on day 30.  At the end of a selling season, they may be put in a promotional sale.  Your consignment split is based on the final sale price.

If An Item Remains Unsold

We work hard to make sure all of your pieces sell!  If, after 60 days, some of your items have not sold, they will be pulled from the website.  You have the choice to donate or have these items sent back to you.  If you would like to donate your unsold items, you don’t need to do anything—we’ll take care of it.  We love to support our community by donating items to children in need.

If you would like to pick up your unsold items, on the 60th day of consignment, log on to your consigner account to see if any of your pieces remain unsold.  Often, you will find that everything has sold, or that you will be happy to donate the few things that did not.  If there is a piece or two you would like back, call or send us an email and we will pack and hold those items for 7 business days and have them mailed or messengered back to you.

Please note!  It is your responsibility to keep track of your expiration dates.  We do not have the capability to send you any alert or notification. The expiration date of each item is clearly marked on your consignor account which you may check the status of any item here.

Unsold, un-retrieved items become the property of Consignment4kids.  We will donate most of our unsold children’s items to Room to Grow or Goodwill. We do reserve the right to donate unsold items to other organizations.